Welcome 👋#

Exploring the Intersections of Economics, Data Science, and All Things Urban#

Professional Life#

Currently, I am working as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Population Research Center at Portland State University. Formerly, I worked as an Economic Analyst at WES, a consulting firm specializing in housing, economics, community planning, and development. In these roles, I conducted exploratory data analysis, created and maintained data pipelines, and generated automated reports, visualizations, and dashboards.

My Academic Pursuits#

I am currently in the second year of my master’s in Economics at Portland State University, and I am excited to begin work on my master’s thesis. I am particularly interested in the economics and individual motivations of contributors to open-source. Additionally, I am interested in quantifying the impacts of U.S. redlining policies on inequality. If these topics pique your interest or you’re seeking collaboration on a related project, don’t hesitate to contact me at seth@sethdowden.com.

Follow and Connect#

You can find me on Kaggle leveling up my data science skills, or take a look at some of my projects on GitHub, which I discuss on this blog and beyond. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn. Find me lurking on Twitter at @SethDowden. Or, check out my Photography blog 503.pics📸.